A Short and Sweet Walk for Afisa

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: A Short and Sweet Walk for Afisa

You never have a bad day at Bootkrazy; its Always a Boot day! And if anyone knows this, its Afisa in rubber green hip waders. On a crisp and early sunny morning, Afisa easily slips into a sexy pair of hip waders and strolls down to the water for a first-time dip in the cool morning. Her long braided hair looks fantastic with her boots. Walk beside this stunning lady in stunning hip waders down through the path and right into the lake, and watch as it makes you smile.

This short film was shot at 1020p live at Long Lake on Vancouver Island in a succession of one-time takes, cropped and edited over the next two weeks by owner and founder David Simpson. Enjoy this video of booted bliss and Many more to come, only at Bootkrazy!

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2 reviews for A Short and Sweet Walk for Afisa

  1. 123Sam

    exactly as it says – short and sweet. I liked it!!

  2. Antoshkohog

    so good

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