Best Friends in Ocean Hip Waders

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Best Friends in Ocean Hip Waders


  • Two best friends, two matching sexy outfits, and two pairs of matching European hip waders, and the ocean EQUALS One fantastic combination of fun, flirting, and adventures by the sea!
  • Today Katherine and Monique, the two most popular Bootkrazy models together in their glory, will go down to the ocean shores of Vancouver Island for a wet and wild adventure you will watch over and over!
  • These girls are having so much fun, you will laugh along their boot adventures as they celebrate their sexy hip waders, splash in the water, dance on the logs, wade in the lagoon, and climb up the hill to dangle from an arbutus tree.
  • Things get pretty wet when Katherine and Monique walk down to the water to wade far into the lagoon. They love the feeling of the water on their legs, take pictures of each other, and rest on the beach after splashing in the calm ocean water. Enjoy the full version of this video to the very end!

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1 review for Best Friends in Ocean Hip Waders

  1. Darcy S

    Everything with Monique and Katherine is worth buying, they are solid gold material. I love these two!!

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