Black Hip Waders

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Black Hip Waders

On a grey and misty morning, this Island Girl slips on a pair of the longest black rubber boots, a vintage dress, and saunters out of the forest to step lightly among the wildflowers by the shore. She wades out in the water, spilling into her boots the icy water of the misty lake. Then she changes attire and appears from the treeline in a tye-dye outfit.

These boots are made for much more than walking, and this Island Girl makes their centerpiece an moment in nature to remember.

  • on Vancouver Island, BC.
  • Good thing the water is not too deep.

2 reviews for Black Hip Waders

  1. Adam

    Very sexy, love this one

  2. li hao

    I have download the vedio and look it.its very good.but I hope the background music should be better next.

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