Boot Ladies of the Lagoon

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Boot Ladies of the Lagoon


  • It’s the Lagoon Ladies, in shiny rubber hip waders!
  • They are back and ready for YOUR eyes only, so sit back and relax as you watch Monique and Katherine do what they do best: Look sexy in Boots. Tall boots. Rubber boots. Hip waders! These boots are made for wading!
  • Two ladies wade through a lagoon on a calm spring day. They splash each other, sing, dance, flirt, enjoy their boots, chat, climb on rocks, and take pleasure in the pureness of the moment and the feeling of the water on their rubber waders all the way up to their hips.
  • Watch these girls talk about the boots and take pictures of each other because they LOVE to match and wear the same sexy pair of hip waders together!
  • This uncut version is 20 minutes of pure thigh high hip waders boot fun you’re going to love! Watch Monique and Katherine to your heart’s content in this third part of the 3-part episode of Monique and Katherine in sexy boot videos, only at Bootkrazy.

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1 review for Boot Ladies of the Lagoon

  1. RobertFlesh

    Its really great to see them run into the lagoon!!!

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