Hip Waders in the Backyard Part 2

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Hip Waders in the Backyard Part 2


  • The hip waders fun in the backyard continues! Katherine gets serious with the leaves now – watch her perform a ‘leaf shower’ under the apple tree. Watch her work hard raking and gathering the leaves into the wheelbarrow and dump them into the compost area.
  • Katherine loves to tell the audience what she is doing, and how she enjoys her boots at Bootkrazy. Enjoy her Canadian accent and the way she laughs! After her work is done, Katherine finishes off with a special message to her fans and viewers.
  • She is having a great time outdoors in nature in her favourite style of boots, and you can see why!
  • Watch the climax, as she lays down into the pile of fresh leaves, and pours them all over herself, all in her sexy hip waders over a tight pair of jeans.
  • Download the full version of this two-part video series, and add it to the first part for a full hip waders experience!
  • Get ready for the full version – if you’ve enjoyed Katherine’s boot videos until now, you will want to add this one to your boot fetish video collection!

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1 review for Hip Waders in the Backyard Part 2

  1. Kalvin

    Phenomenal. This is exactly what I wanted to see, sexy ladies getting down in dirty, working in the back, not afraid to get mud and dirt on their clothes. Please keep making more videos like this!

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