Kat Woman Kleans in Thigh High Boots

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Kat Woman Kleans in Thigh High Boots


  • Take some sexy thigh high boots, add some matching gloves and a woman in a stretchy costume, throw in a vaccuum, and you’ve got a Bootkrazy classic!
  • You will never see a happier cleaning lady! Katherine delights people all over the world with her charming laughter and flirtacious energy.  Katherine works her way around the room, laughing, flirting, showing off her sexy thigh boots and enjoying being on camera, doing what she does best.
  • She shines in this week’s episode, showing us her special technique for cleaning floors and fireplaces in ‘style’. Its time for Katherine’s play date with thigh high boots and a cat woman suit!
  • Its funny, It’s real. It’s Katherine in her prime. Watch the uncut version and enjoy the afternoon with sexy boots and smiles! It’s happiness all around at Bootkrazy =)

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1 review for Kat Woman Kleans in Thigh High Boots

  1. bootluvah

    only loses point for not being longer – I want to see MORE Kat Suits on Katherine!

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