Katherine and Tina in Riding Boots

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Katherine and Tina in Riding Boots


A brand new riding boot experience at Bootkrazy awaits you! Katherine and Tina in their first Bootkrazy adventure together!

  • Watch them play together in the Boot Room, trying on riding boots from the collection. They scrub each other’s boots clean. They check out each other’s bodies. They are hot. They are rolling in stripes and plaid to compliment their booty style, and break out in sexy shiny riding boots. And they are ready to rock your viewing eyes off, for every riding boot lover out there!
  • Tina wanders along the shoreline, getting her boots wet and wading in the water.
  • Katherine works in the backyard, raking leaves, bending over in the garden, shaking the pine trees and laughing as she plays in the grass in her glossy rubber riding boots.
  • This is one of the longest films in the Bootkrazy collection – over 15 minutes of booted bliss!
  • This full length film was shot at 1020p live on Vancouver Island in a succession of one-time takes, cropped and edited over the next two weeks by owner and founder David Simpson. Enjoy this full version video of booted bliss and Many more, only at Bootkrazy!

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4 reviews for Katherine and Tina in Riding Boots

  1. bootmodel2456

    THere is nothing like TWO models in the SAME boots!! I Love those boots, they are the cream in my coffee. These girls are great together, but I love seeing them alone sometimes too, so independently beautiful.

  2. Christian Walsh

    Is there any way of ordering custom videos?

  3. Bootkrazy

    You can request anything you would like to see in the films! Alot of what you see in the videos are from fans asking for something they wanted to see. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

  4. Linda

    Boot perfection

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