Katherine Gets Fruity In Her Booties

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Sexy Boot Videos: Catherine Gets Fruity In Her Booties

A sexy lady young lady dressed in red pants and black wellies takes a leisurely stroll in the forest before bathing in the snow to wash off!

Catherine is going to explore Vancouver Island today in her favourite black rubber Hunter Wellies. She slips on the pair of boots, and instantly they make her feel sexy and adventurous!

Watch her having fun in the forest, looking for adventure, she runs across some fruit and just has to squash it in those shiny rubber hunter wellies boots.

This one-of-a-kind video is the first of its kind online. Enjoy!

2 reviews for Katherine Gets Fruity In Her Booties

  1. Pete S

    Watching her frolic and playing while getting those black rubber boots dirty is sexy!

  2. John

    She makes me laugh with her dancing. I love it.

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