Katherine in Farming Boots

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Katherine and Tina in Riding Boots

  • A brand new riding boot experience at Bootkrazy awaits you! Katherine’s wet boots adventure down at the river.
  • Everyone wants to see Katherine soak her hip waders.. Well now she has done it! Download your personal copy of the Bootkrazy boot fetish video that has everyone laughing, and share the full version with friends!
  • Watch Katherine slip bare feet into a pair of rubber’farming boots’ and hike down to the river.. and fall in! She gets so wet and slimy, we don’t know whether she likes or not, but we do!!
  • Get ready for the full version – if you’ve enjoyed Katherine’s boot video adventures up until now, you are going to love this one!

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1 review for Katherine in Farming Boots

  1. Riverboots

    She went Right in the river!!! xooxoxox

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