Katherine With The Boat

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Sexy Boot Videos: Catherine With The Boat

This sexy Canadian lady is taking a leisurely stroll in hip waders at the lake and sees the boat which intrigues her so she has to check it out!  Watch as Catherine meanders around the shoreline, discovers the boat and helps to put it back in working order. A walk on the wharf completes her afternoon by the lake, all in sexy green hip waders.

  • Watching her frolic and play in those green boots makes her look even sexier!

3 reviews for Katherine With The Boat

  1. loveboots900

    She is meant for these boots, they look perfect on her! I think this is my favourite of all of them, because its interesting to watch her working on a boat and being busy.

  2. Derek

    Excellent !

  3. bobr606

    Katherine is beautiful in her LaCrosse waders. I’d love to see more of her wearing these boots!

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