Katherine’s Nature Walk In Stunning Heels

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Sexy Boot Videos: Catherine’s Nature Walk In Stunning Heels

Our best film to date!

Another booted adventure for Catherine as she wanders through a natural park on the shores of Vancouver Island. With the blue sea and her long hair and even longer black leather high heeled boots, Catherine discovers many surprises in her stunning boots. Watch her climb a tree, meander along a grassy path, walk a rock wall, poise against a massive tree stump, and scare herself when snakes cross her path!

2 reviews for Katherine’s Nature Walk In Stunning Heels

  1. Petyer

    Without a doubt the best video to date sofar.

  2. Petyer

    Its no wonder this model is so popular. She’s so easy to watch.. makes you smile.. so worth 10 euros, could have charged more!

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