Classy Cars and Classy High Heels

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Classy Cars and Classy High Heels


  • It’s a special day at Bootkrazy – one lucky boot lover was able to have his collector’s Model T Ford as the subject with a matching boot model!! Ofcourse, Katherine was chosen in a creamy beige thigh high leather heels and a little red dress with her hot pants.
  • Watch her tour her way around the classic car, exploring and examining every amazing detail of the Model T. She even sits inside, finds a pair of sunglasses to put on, beeps the horn and listens to the engine running. Maybe she’ll take a ride in the box! She loves this car and thinks you will too – especially with a pair of sexy thigh high boots to admire it with!
  • This full length film was shot at 1020p live on Vancouver Island in a succession of one-time takes, cropped and edited over the next two weeks by owner and founder David Simpson. Enjoy this full version video of booted bliss and Many more, only at Bootkrazy!

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3 reviews for Classy Cars and Classy High Heels

  1. mikefletcher112

    Bootkrazy has done it again!! Now they are bringing out Classic Cars!! What will they think of next???

  2. miracleboot

    I LOVE that car… Almost as much as Katherine in those boots! Yowza! xox

  3. rufus

    I have never seen anything else like this film. It is the only film like it, with boots and a classic old car. Amazing., thank you Bootkrazy

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