Tina and Katherine in the Bootroom: Part 2

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Tina and Katherine in the Bootroom Part 2


  • Watch Bootkrazy’s best two models playing dress up in a room Full of sexy boots! This is part 2 of the mini-series.
  • In the second part of this exclusive boot fetish video from the Bootroom: Two models, one room, and endless varieties of sexy exotic boots!
  • Sit down in the room next to these beautiful models as they help each other try on a variety rubber, suede, and leather thigh high boots, high heels, and even hip waders. There are exotic imported boots all over the room.
  • These booted babes unzip their boots, slide on gloves, wipe down each other’s legs, stare at each others’ bodies and indulge in every moment of booted bliss in the bootroom!
  • Get intimate with them, sit right beside and feel like a part of the fun. (close up camera action)
  • If you enjoyed the first part, you’ll love this even more!!

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1 review for Tina and Katherine in the Bootroom: Part 2

  1. Stephan

    THere is some thing so sensual about two women putting boots on together in a room. You feel like you are with them.. My only 1 star down was that I wanted more!! xox

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