Monique and Katherine Having Fun in Hip Waders

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Monique and Katherine in Riding Boots


  • It’s a double duty day at Long Lake! Two models, two pairs of hip waders, and lots of fun by the water! Watch Katherine and her best friend Monique flirting together in the water in sexy wet hip waders! They love to play together, splashing each other, getting wet, and helping each other change their boots on the beach.
  • Then watch them get dry and walk to the nearby forest for a first-ever hip wader yoga experience under the tall trees!! You won’t want to miss this, if you have never seen two laughing girls in hip waders, stretching and balancing in yoga positions, you will love their happy vibrant energy!
  • This full length film was shot at 1020p live on Vancouver Island in a succession of one-time takes, cropped and edited over the next two weeks by owner and founder David Simpson. Enjoy this full version video of booted bliss and Many more, only at Bootkrazy!

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1 review for Monique and Katherine Having Fun in Hip Waders

  1. bootieroo

    Oh my god, awesome awesome awesome!!!

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