Porsche Tour in Leather High Heels

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Porsche Tour in Leather High Heels


  •  Its a gorgeous sunny day for thigh high boots on Vancouver Island! Today Katherine will tour a classic car, a black Porsche at the beach, in a sexy pair of leather high heels that go all the way up her thighs, and a matching pair of leather gloves.
  • She walks up the beach to the car, opens the door and sits in the driver’s seat.
  • She walks around the car showing off her thigh high boots and long hair to the world.
  • Finally, she decides to clean the porsche, and wipes the entire car down with a rag, making the car shiny and showing off all sides of her beautiful outfit with matching leather high heels and gloves.
  • You will love to watch how Katherine shines and polishes the car. She feels ultra sexy to enjoy an expensive car with her expensive boots on!
  • These leather thigh high boots are just perfect for Katherine!  Stay tuned for more!

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1 review for Porsche Tour in Leather High Heels

  1. Kearin

    no THIS one is my favourite of hers! she’s always good, but this one with the car, its better than the model t ford in my opinion. way to go Katherine.

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