Tina’s Adventures in Leather High Heels

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Tina’s Adventures in Leather High Heels


  • Feast your boot-iful eyes on these sexy high heels on a young Canadian woman on the West Coast!
  • Tina is so excited to slip on a pair of leather high heels that go all the way up her thighs, and play at the lake! Watch her swing, slide, bounce, balance, teeter and play in a children’s park, all in sexy leather heels and a big smile. She loves spending the day in these stunning heels that make others turn their heads and watch.
  • Then she strolls down to the water’s edge to enjoy a break and take in a beautiful view across the water. We’ll enjoy the view from here, of Tina in her sexy leather boots!
  • This short film was shot at 1020p live on Vancouver Island in a succession of one-time takes, cropped and edited over the next two weeks by owner and founder David Simpson. Enjoy this full version video of booted bliss and Many more, only at Bootkrazy!

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1 review for Tina’s Adventures in Leather High Heels

  1. HarriSykes

    This film is nice, tranquil, the boots are beautiful, the model is tall and lank. Well done.

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