Wet Waders at Pipers Lagoon

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Bootkrazy Sexy Boot Videos: Wet Waders at Pipers Lagoon


  • It’s wet boots day at Bootkrazy, and Katherine is excited to go play in the water!
  • Take a sexy pair of hip waders, a beautiful girl with long hair, and a muddy lagoon on the West Coast, and what do you get? A thrilling wet waders adventure starring Bootkrazy’s most fun loving happy spirited model Katherine and a sexy pair of wet boots!
  • Katherine loves to get wet on this wild outdoor boot adventure in one of Canada’s wildlife meccas on the West Coast.
  • Watch her play in the muddy water, rub her wet boots, change her clothes, throw sticks, jump in the lagoon, kick her beautiful waders in the air, splash and laugh all the way with a big beautiful smile.
  • *Some of this video was filmed with a night vision camera for varied exposure
  • Enjoy Katherine’s addictive laughter and mesmerizing smile!

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1 review for Wet Waders at Pipers Lagoon

  1. Marty

    oh my god amazing

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