Why Bootkrazy?


Bootkrazy was developed as an ‘outlet’ for men and women looking for a place to be comfortable being themselves and doing what they like about their boot fetish without guilt or worry – observing. Bootkrazy provides a place for guys that don’t want to stare at a women in boots in public because it’s typically socially inappropriate, and they can’t talk to their wives about it. Many believe communication with couples is an ongoing problem. Tell your other half what you want! Even in David Simpson’s case, he states “my wife was just never gonna do it.”

So Bootkrazy was born as an answer to this problem, while maintaining the integrity, loyalty and respect every couple deserves. They’re not cheating! They’re not being unfaithful! It’s for all ages, all audiences instead of being restricted to a particular audience and dancing on a risky line of faithfulness in some partner’s eyes. As David puts it from his point of view, “I don’t care where you get your appetite, as long as you come home for dinner!” (aka look all you want). Every one of Bootkrazy’s boot fetish videos are tasteful, classy and clean, and what viewers do with the videos is up to their discretion. Instead of another raunchy x-rated porn site to be kept under wraps in secrecy, Bootkrazy’s clean polished boot fetish videos contain no sexual content whatsoever, no nudity, masturbation or verbal sex talk, and so they are not x-rated, safe for families and underage viewers. Finally something to be proud of; “You won’t have to hide this! Don’t have to feel guilty!”

Why showcase women fully clothed and devoid of any sexual reference or suggestive body language?

Because women are better than that says David. They’re not superficial or shallow, but placed instead on a pedestal to be admired and celebrated, not objectified. Bootkrazy, according to David, is classy and honourable and only shows respect for women. And it seems the critics agree: Current clientele from Europe have sent feedback saying “you’re the best out there!” I love it! I can’t wait to get more online!”

Bootkrazy is an online store for products in the form of tasteful boot fetish videos of women wearing boots.

This website is tailored for people who simply have a boot fetish and love to watch women in boots. Videos can be purchased and downloaded directly for personal use and watching pleasure. David Simpson is the sole proprietor, manager and videographer, and the models he films are local women who remain anonymous. The boots worn by the models are purchased and maintained by David as well and used in every video made in BC, Canada.